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  • Are you feeling disconnected from the world and can't find anyone who can relate?

  • Does it feel like tomorrow won't be any better than today?


  • Are you constantly exhausted mentally, physically, and emotionally? 


  • Do you feel shame for having a mental illness?


  • Are you feeling stuck and want to live more deliberately?


  • Do you want to feel better but don't know where to start?

Want to take back control of your life?

With my one-on-one coaching, I can help you achieve the results you want and live the life you deserve.

My coaching can be a great complement to therapy and/or medical care in your recovery process but is not meant to replace clinical services. 


I have been there.  I can help you stop being defined by your diagnosis and start living your life instead of just existing.

Do you struggle with Bipolar disorder?

A Better Life is Waiting for You

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