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​​As someone who has personally experienced the extreme impact of bipolar disorder and the depths of depression; I understand the unique challenges you face.  With my professional coaching knowledge and lived experience, I can guide you towards the life you truly desire.  

Life coaching can provide valuable support and guidance to help you:​

  • stop feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from the world.

  • find ways to feel better and create stability in your life.

  • stop feeling stuck in your physical and mental exhaustion.

As your life coach, we'll collaboratively & compassionately:

  • determine where you currently are

  • clarify your desired destination

  • develop practical and achievable strategies to help you reach your goals

  • address any obstacles or patterns that have hindered you in the past

If you are ready to take control of your life and embrace a brighter future, let's connect and explore how my one-on-one coaching can support you on your journey.  Book a free call with me by clicking below.

Living with a mood disorder can be challenging...but you don't have to do it alone. 

My coaching can be a great complement to therapy and/or medical care in your recovery process but is not meant to replace clinical services.


A Better Life is Waiting for You

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